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2016 Olympic Games NA Qualification Event

Table Tennis Fans, Supporters and Families from all over Canada will be cheering for our 8 Canadian Athletes who will be competing at the Markham Pan Am Centre from April 8 to 10 2016. We talked to a few of them, who had a special message for our Athletes. 

1 Day to GO CANADA GO - Team NWT

From the True North strong and free. “Team NWT wants to wish our Canadian Athletes, Coaches, Volunteers and all supporters a great tournament. GO CANADA GO!”

2 Days to GO CANADA GO - Marles Martins (ON)

“We are behind you!"

3 Days to GO CANADA GO - Greg Dzioba (Manitoba)

"Focus and do your best and good things are coming! Manitoba will be cheering for you guys and we will be following you on the live stream. GO CANADA GO!!!"

4 Days to GO CANADA GO - Brian Ash (Newfoundland)

"At this very moment our Canadian team is planning, practicing and preparing for an event which will provide some of the most exciting table tennis our country has ever seen. Go Canada!"

5 Days to GO CANADA GO - North Shore Table Tennis Club (BC)

“We had so much fun doing this picture to support our Canadian Athletes in Toronto for the North American Qualification Event for the Olympic Games. The North Shore Table Tennis Club kids got so inspired with the idea of “maybe” being future Olympians too. GO CANADA GO!”

6 Days to GO CANADA GO - Erica Ans (Nova Scotia)

“This is one of the most important tournaments for our Athletes. I am wishing all our Canadians the best for the Olympic Qualifier in Markham. We will be cheering from the East Coast. GO CANADA GO.”

7 Days to "GO CANADA GO" - David Jackson, President Table Tennis Canada

“Every athlete dreams of competing in the Olympic Games, at the very highest level. Our athletes are no different and will Give Their Everything in Toronto to get to Rio and play against the worlds best. Bonne chance and GO CANADA GO!“