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Table Tennis Canada Club Umpire Exam

Becoming a club umpire is a great way to contribute to table tennis!   Umpires are the volunteers who sit at a match table, making basic match point decisions, and recording results. 
     • Becoming a club umpire can lay the foundation of future accreditation as a provincial umpire, national umpire, international umpire, and referee. You can click to find the Umpire and Referee career pathway
     • For young players, the umpire exam is a great tool to use to test your knowledge about finer rules of the table tennis!
Before you start:
 - It is highly recommended that candidates should write the online exam AFTER a seminar organized by Provincial / Territory Table Tennis Association, but it is not a requirement.The seminar will not only help you understand the roles and regulations of basic table tennis competition, but also provides practical skills which can hardly be learnt by reading materials. For seminar information, please contact your provincial association.
 - All candidates must fill in their REAL names, email address and other personal information in order to validate the exam results. If the candidate fails to provide valid contact information, then you will not receive the exam results”.
Exam information for Candidates: 
  Time Limit: The Online exam has a time limit of 45 min. Once you entered your information, the counting will start.  
   - There is no fee for writing this online examination for those who are 15 years old or under. 
   - The exam fee is $20 for individuals 16 years or older. If you took the exam online, please contact your Provincial / Territory Official Chairman to process the payment and receive the exam results.
   - This is an open book examination. You may use any reference books in answering the questions, but cannot have the assistance of another person. You are reminded to read all questions carefully. 
   - The answer should be in accordance with the ITTF “Laws of Table Tennis” (Chapter two). The laws can be found on the TTCAN website under “Resource for Officials” session. 
   - The pass mark of this examination is 75%. 
   After exam: 
   - After your payment has been processed by the Provincial / Territory organization, you will be informed if you passed the exam or not. 
   - Those who fail will have 1 more chance to write the exam successfully. The province may place a time limit on when you can submit your next attempts. 
   - However, should the successful cadet candidate want to receive the umpire kit, he/she has to contact Provincial / Territory Association Umpire Chairman and pay the purchase fee.
   - The following material will be sent to the successful candidate after payment received by his/her Provincial / Territory Officials’ Chairman: 
     o The Table Tennis Canada Club Umpire Pin 
     o The Table Tennis Canada Club Umpire Certificate 
     o The Provincial Umpire Trainee Card and
     o Umpire Kit consisting of net gauge, flip coin, Red/Yellow/White cards 
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