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Butterfly Canada Cup - Updates and FAQs

This section should help to answer some of the questions about the 2017 Butterfly Canada Cup. Please let us know if there is anything else you would like to know and send an e-mail to We will post the questions and answers right here. 


I entered the U2000 event for the Canada Cup but my name appears in the U1500? Why?

See the prospectus/entry form:

* Players may enter their rating category and the next higher rating category; only players who enter their own rating category will be entered in the next higher rating category.

Therefore, if you are rated below 1500, you must enter the U1500 category in order to be accepted in the U2000. 

This rule - which applies to all Canada Cup events and the Canadian Championships - ensures that all players have an interesting and competitive tournament. For young players, it is important that they learn to win matches, rather than being blown out by higher ranked players.

  • Canada Hopes Pathway

I am confused about how TTCAN’s Hopes (U12) pathway works. 

Sorry, your confusion is justified - we published contradicting information. We fixed it, so here it goes:

The general pathway starts with training in your club. Once you have advanced to the best players in your province, your provincial association will enter you in the East (Ontario and east) or the West (Manitoba and west) Hopes Challenge.  

EAST/WEST Hopes Week to Canada Hopes Challenge

The top 4 finishers of the EAST Hopes Challenge and the top 4 finishers of the WEST Hopes Challenge (in the U11 event) qualify for the Canada Hopes Challenge which is usually held at the Canada Cup Finals in the spring - March 11-12 in 2017.

The top 8 Hopes (U12) in the point standings of the Canada Cup Hopes series will join the top 4 East and the top 4 West Hopes week finishers, for a total of 16 boys and 16 girls. If there is overlap - example: a player has already qualified through the East Hopes week and is also in the top 8 of the point standings of the Canada Cup Hopes series - then the next player from the Canada Cup Hopes series will be invited. 

Here, the players who participated in the East or West Hopes weeks have priority, if they competed in the Canada Cup Hopes competition and earned points in that competition.

Once there is no more interest from players who participated in the East or West Hopes week and who gained points in the Canada Cup Hopes standings, then the players who gained points in the Canada Cup Hopes series (and did not participate in the East or west Hopes week) will get a chance.

ITTF North America Hopes Challenge

By the end of January we will be able to announce the date and the entry restrictions for the ITTF North America Hopes Challenge. In 2017, this tournament will, most likely, be held in the US - more details to come. 

The current Hopes Pathway may need to be modified, since we are still waiting for some information from our friends at USATT. 

In general - because of the growth of young players in competitions in North America - expect that the ITTF North America Hopes competition will grow in size, that is more competitors than we had had in the previous years.