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A Table Tennis season in Belgium for Marko Medjugorac

St-Ghislain, Belgium, December 2016 - National Team Athlete and Québec player Marko Medjugorac moved to Belgium to play in the National Division in Belgium and to practice at the National Training Centre for Francophone in Belgium. 

“Right now we are fighting to become the champion in the National Division 1 and play in the Super League next season” he says. To get there, Marko practices about 5 hours a day, doing the morning and in the afternoon. On the side he prepares himself for school, studying and getting ready for University.

The National Training Centre is located in Blegny, a small place close to Liège. There are players from the francophone National Team like Martin Allegro, Florent Lambiet, Lauric Jean, Julien indeherberg, Yanick Vostes, and some really good junior players. 

"Right now I am studying long distance with CEGEP. I will play there until this Summer and then in September i will see what i do. I live in Blegny because it's close to the hall.”

His goals are very clear for 2017 “I want to improve my game, to become Canadian National Champion and secure my spot on the National Team for international events.”  

We asked Marko why he chose Europe to practice. "Europe definitely has it advantages. In most Training Centres or clubs, you practice at least 2 times per day. Plus you can play in a league where you have a lot of matches with new players and where you can get experience. Plus everything is very close here, so you can play many competitions in different countries and get even more experience." 

“I chose Belgium because I had the opportunity to talk with the Coach here during a training camp. I was very impressed with the Coach and his players, so I arranged to try their Training Centre. 

"I would like to say thank you to my family and friends for supporting me on this journey”, a great way to show that you definitely need support in achieving your goals. All the best to you in Belgium Marko!