Congratulations to both Tony Shaw (BC) and Marzieh Hakimara (QC)

Canada is very proud to have supported two umpires to attend the World Junior Table Tennis Championships in Cape Town, South Africa. The competition will take place from Nov 30, 2016 until Dec 7, 2016 (inclusive). The World Juniors is a combination of team events coupled with singles and doubles. 

Tony Shaw is a seasoned veteran International Official who has reached the highest level recognized by the ITTF. He entered the Blue Badge program in 2002 and has served every year as a fully qualified BB umpire.  Tony has received numerous awards from his Province of BC. 

Marzieh Hakimara is new to Canada and resides in Quebec.  She acquired her International Umpire status in 2006.  Since that time she has continued to offer her expertise in many International Tournaments.  In 2016, Marzieh made a major decision to enter the Blue Badge program.  She has passed the Advanced Rules Exam, attended the ITTF Advanced Umpire Training, completed three evaluations and is on the road to complete her level after the event in Cape Town, South Africa.  She will join the ranks of 7 officials in Canada who currently hold the highest level.  Marzieh will be th first Canadian female to finish the program. 

Congratulations to both Tony Shaw (BC) and Marzieh Hakimara (QC).