Table Tennis Canada is pleased to announce that Pradeeban Peter-Paul has accepted the position of National High Performance Centre Coach in Markham, ON.

Peter-Paul had a long career as a national team player on Canada’s national team; for much of his career he was Canada’s #1 man on the team. He came close to major upset wins against some of the world’s top players a number of times, most memorable his 2-0 lead against Timo Boll at the Beijing Olympics, one of the best players at the time and certainly Peter-Paul’s best match of his career. He did account for Chuang Chih-Yuan at the Swedish Open a number of years ago.

From 2007 to 2011 he ‘reigned’ North America as North American Champion. He also gained valuable league experience in the national leagues of France and Austria.

His transition to coaching started at the Wang Chen Table Tennis Club in New York City. Then he worked extensively with the Brazilian-Canadian table tennis guru Marles Martins, as well as with World Championship Coach Ferenc Karsai - both of whom have agreed to continue in a mentor role with Peter-Paul.

“There is no shortcut or magic when it comes to success - it is only possible through years of hard work and dedication,” Peter-Paul says of his own pathway, but also as a message to Canada’s young players, “you have to be confident and believe that you can be the best if you want to be an outstanding player.”

His main task will be the design and execution of TTCAN’s TEAM 2024 program. Peter-Paul led an initial scouting camp for TEAM 2024 earlier this month. 

Looking at the task to build a new Canadian team, Peter-Paul does not hide his enthusiasm for the project, “my dream is to compete for a medal at the 2024 Olympics. I am very happy to be appointed National High Performance Centre Coach and look forward to working with tomorrow’s champions.”

Pending a positive completion of a coach mentoring and education program put together by TTCAN, Peter-Paul will take on the full responsibility as National Team Coach as of January 1, 2017.