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An Official’s Perspective – the Olympics in Rio 2016

Canadian Blue Badge International Umpire Denis Vigeant representing Canada at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Denis, from the province Quebec, was selected to represent Canada as an umpire at the Olympics in Rio. 

He is one of 7 high level officials in Canada and was chosen as the Canadian umpire at the Games. 
During his stay in Rio, Denis gained a new perspective on the role of what it means to be an umpire.  The environment for an official was superior to any other event that he has attended in the many countries he has visited during his 30 year career.

Denis has indicated that Umpires at the Olympics are provided “a place where they can relax and enjoy matches from a TV set, while they can drink and eat a little something. Private bathrooms are also provided for umpires only, which is also used as a changing area” for officials.  This should set an example for other organizers in Canada and abroad.

Denis was selected in Rio to officiate the bronze medal match.  “It is with great pride and honor” said Denis as he accepted the opportunity to officiate.  Once again Canada has been brought into the spotlight for providing excellent officials.

Table Tennis Canada would like to thank Denis Vigeant for his performance, diligence and ability as our sole representative as an umpire in Rio. Congratulations!

Story by Joseph Fisher