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Canada Scores High Marks International Umpire Exam

Table Tennis Canada created a multifaceted approach to support National Umpires who wrote the International Exam in January.  This was the first time that a National strategy was used to help candidates in preparation for the rigorous test of knowledge and critical decision making with specific cases at the table. 

All fifteen (15) candidates were invited to participate in an on-line, 5-week tutorial that was facilitated by Delano Lai Fatt.  Ten (10) questions each week starting in November were provided to the candidates who would correspond with Delano.  They would answer the questions and cite reference material to support their choices. Feedback was almost immediate. 

The second phase was a seminar in Montreal with the Chair of Referees for Canada, Mr. Norman Tang.  Ten (10) officials from both Canada and the United States attended the seminar which was followed by a practical at an International tournament in Montreal.

Lastly, a coordinated effort was put forth by the Provinces to coordinate the writing of the exam during the same period across the country in 4 different locations.

As a result, Canada has now qualified 10 more International Umpires.  Canada hosted the exam for both USA and CAN and can boast 13/15 or an 87% pass rate.  This is remarkably high compared to the average in the rest of the world.  We would like to pass along our sincere congratulations to the following Canadian umpires:

Mark Bu, Ontario
Robby Chan, Saskatchewan
Royle Derbitsky, Manitoba
Ed Hung, Saskatchewan
Dave Lau, Ontario
Raymond Leung, Ontario
Henry Ng, Alberta
Brian Stuart, Yukon
William Truong, Ontario
Xianfeng Zhang, Alberta