Alicia Côté - Preparation for the 2016 Butterfly Pan American Junior Championships

"I want to have really good results so I can help the Canadian Team to qualify for the World Junior Championships" that is Alicia Côté's first comment about the preparation that she is doing in Europe at this moment. 

In preparation for the ITTF North America Cup, the 2016 Butterfly Pan American and the 2016 Butterfly Canadian Championships, the 16 year old is participating in a Training Camp in Austria. The professional Table Tennis Club Linz AZ Froschberg is hosting the camp.

Alicia continues to be excited about the training, "We have two practices per day. The training is really good and really hard, but everybody is so nice to me. We played a tournament in Prague and I reached the Quarter Finals. I was hoping for the Semi Finals, but I was tired from the training all week long. In Québec I play almost only boys, so it is great to play against girls here. They have a different style and that will help me for my preparations with the tournaments in July." 

We asked Alicia what her goals are for the next few years and she said "I want to qualify for the Jeux de la Francophonie in 2017. The Youth Olympic Games, when is that? Yes, I would really want to qualify for that competition too", she smiles along. 

"These are some amazing experiences in life. This is what I am training for."