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January 2016 - Ratings Update

As many of you have observed, we have had issues with our new provider for the Canadian Rating System. When engaging with Virtual Reality inc. we looked at their extensive client list and we thought we would be able to provide improved service to table tennis players in Canada. Clearly, this did not work.

More than a year and many staff hours later, we finally throw in the towel. Our transition to the ’new system’ failed - there are simply too many issues that are not being addressed or addressed too late.

Part of the problem rests with our disjointed and disconnected membership system that has many spelling errors, duplicate entries and missing information.

For the above reasons, we hired a programmer to update our previous system. For now, we will use this system to input results and produce monthly ratings.

Looking to the future

For a number of years we have had discussions with our friends south of the border to have a unified North American Rating system that will use the same algorithm and the same software to calculate ratings. Initially, we thought Virtual Reality could be the provider. Given our experience over the last year, this is now not likely. Another provider is currently being tested by USATT.

A unified system will bring a number of benefits such as Canadian players being able to play in the US and gain points, and vice versa; US players playing in Canadian tournament rating events, and vice versa.

Puerto Rico is also interested in joining a unified system with the goal to host an annual Winter Classic with the participation of US and Canadian players.

It is difficult to give precise timelines at this point as to when the new system will be up and running. Testing will start as early as next month - and with some optimism, I see a full implementation as early as September 2016.

In closing, I would like to apologize to players for the difficulties that we have experienced. I fully understand how frustrating the last few months must have been for some of you as far as the rating system is concerned. 

The January ratings is posted HERE.