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The Olympic Dream of Pierre-Luc Thériault

From the time he was small, Pierre-Luc wanted to become an Olympian, participating for Team Canada. As a child, he found his love for Table Tennis. He started standing on milk boxes, at 6 years old, to reach the top of the table in their basement. He has gone on to experience being the 2012 North American Champion and Cup winner, and in 2015, he won the Bronze Medal with the Canadian Team at the Pan American Games. Another 2015 highlight, was winning the second largest National event as well. In January, he was unbeaten at the Canada Series Final, and in September, he became Single, Double and Team Champion at the Canadian Championships in Trois-Riviéres, Québec.

"Now it is time to ask for help, to tell my story …” and that is how Pierre-Luc created a campaign to raise money for some of the cost that he has for training and preparation of the Olympic Qualifying events in January and April 2016.

"The last Olympic qualification taught me that everything has to be perfectly in place if you want to qualify for the Olympic Games. Now it is my time!!!” A true statement for many Olympians and those that want to take part of the largest Multi Sport event in the World. 

"That’s why, over the last year, I have been working with a well-known sport psychologist to help me improve how I play under stress to make me even stronger mentally. I am also working with a physical trainer to improve my speed, my coordination and to make sure I don’t get injured. I would like to hire a personal table tennis coach to analyse my game, to prepare some game plans for the opponents that I will face, to target the areas I should work on and to give me exercices that help me to improve my weaknesses. Also, until the qualifications, in April 2016, I am planning to play many international competitions with my personnal coach."

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