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2015 Pan Am Games Training Camp

The Pan American Team is preparing at the Jiangsu Provincial Training Centre in Nanjing for the 2015 Toronto Games. The training schedule will feature 6 hours of training per day for 6 days a week. Next to table tennis, this will include physical, mental and technical training to win a medal on home soil at these 2015 Games. 

Week 3 with Pierre-Luc Thériault

How do you feel physically and mentally after the third week of training? 
I feel a little bit faster physically than I was before. We are training a lot but I think overall with some rest my physical condition improved a lot. Mentally I think my focus is doing better. I am getting closer to competition shape now. 

What are your goals at the end of the training camp? 
My goal at the end of the training camp is to be able to play better in game situations. We are practicing double matches and getting much better at it as well.

Is the excitement about the Pan Am games growing? 
Of course, the excitement for the game is slowly growing. We are talking more and more about the games with the team and we are really looking forward to compete on Canadian soil. 

Did you bring any lucky charms to the training camp? 
I didn't bring any lucky charms as I am not a superstitious person.

What is your plan for the next 2, 3 weeks prior to the Games? 
Next week I will go back to Canada, then I will take a short break before starting the training again. That will get me in shape for the competition and fresh for the games.

Any fun facts from the last few weeks?
I think there have been a lot of fun moments in the last couple of weeks. One time we went to play bowling that was a lot of fun! I won, close, but I won!!!

Week 2 with Alicia Côte

How do you feel PHYSICALLY, mentally partner after the second week?
I am doing very well! I love training. At the beginning of the first week, I was aching but now with all the physical exercises we do, my body got used to the rhythm and to the exercises and I now feel very well. Mentally, it goes very well even though I look forward to go back home.

What are your goals at the end of the training camp?
I would like to improve my play for double games. With all the physical training we do, I would also like to improve my strength.

Is the excitement about the Pan Am games growing?
Of course! Every day, we approach the games and I get more and more exited!

Did you bring Any lucky charms to the training camp?
I do not really  have lucky charms, but I am always wearing the ring that my parents gave me.

Do you have any fun facts to share?
We had about 5 days of rain. It was raining so much. We went out to eat after practice and all my clothes were soaked. I had to dry my shoes with a hair dryer! 

I look forward to eat cereals instead of rice for breakfast ...

Week 1 with Anqi Luo

What does your daily and weekly schedule look like?
We have two training sessions everyday from Monday to Saturday, and we have a break on Sundays. The training schedule varies everyday, sometimes it is morning practice and afternoon practice, sometimes it's afternoon and evening. Everyday we practice for around 6 hours. 

How do you feel physically, mentally after the first week?
After the first few days of practice, we were all exhausted, the physical trainings were the hardest and I was sore everywhere. I couldn't even walk up the stairs thanks to frog jumps.

What is your goal for the end of this trainings camp?
I hope to strengthen in several technical aspects as well as my endurance here in Nanjing.

Is the excitement about the Pan Am Games growing?
The excitement about the Pan Am Games are definitely growing and we shall integrate that excitement in our training everyday to receive the best results to prepare for the Games.

PS. The food at the cafe here is really good! 
PPS. The mosquitoes in Nanjing are awful little creatures. Agghhh!!