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World Champions Coach at Canada Eastern Hopes Camp

This year’s Canada Hopes camps will feature two prominent coaches - both rightfully associated with title ‘World Champion’.

The Eastern Canada Hopes camp will be led by former Austrian National team coach Ferenc Karsai. Karsai can lay claim to building the Austrian team from a struggling European team to winning European Champion titles. His - and his player’s - most amazing feat, however, happened in 2003, when Karsai coached Werner Schlager to win the Men’s Singles title at the World Championships in Paris after defeating the Chinese top players Kong Linghui and Wang Liqin and finally Joo Saehyuk (KOR)  for the title.

“It is important that players learn good technique when they are very young; then progress in the later years is much easier,” believes Karsai. “The eastern Hopes camp will be a good opportunity to see players, work on their technique, but most importantly discuss with the coaches who will be in the gym on a regular basis. I enjoy working with young players and coaches.”

The Eastern Hopes week will be held in Drummondville, QC from July 8-12. The Hopes week is part of TTCAN’s LTAD model and forms an essential part of the ITTF Hopes program.

Prospectus East Hopes Week