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2015 German Para Open - Gold & Bronze for Canada

Stephanie Chan has won Canada's only ever medal at a factor 40 tournament here at the Bayreuth Open. She beat France in the quarter final with service variation and impeccable placement. That took her to the semi-final with bronze in her pocket where she met the eventual winner of the tournament also from France bowing out with a bronze medal in a hard fought contest. 

Chan at age 58 was the oldest by far in the Class 7 singles event and was ecstatic over the win in the quarter finals saying "I practice very hard and walked every day the past week or so. This is why I could move a little better and serve better."

Stephanie Chan strikes gold in the heart of Europe in factor 40 German Open in Bayreuth! This marks the 1st time a Canadian  Para player, male or female wins a medal in a factor 40 event. Chan also won bronze in singles making her  the first ever multiple medalist from Canada in a European competition.

Interview and image by Ian Kent