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2014 Canadian Para Table tennis Championships
The 2014 Canadian Para Championships took place in My Table Tennis Club – Mississauga on Oct 18 – 19. 17 Para players from Class 2 to Class 11 participated in the Championships.
Wheelchair player – Muhammad Mudassar of Toronto and standing player Ian Kent from Nova Scotia lead the results both winning gold medals in Singles and Teams. Of further note, Ontario dominated the medal counts winning a total of 14 medals, followed by Nova Scotia of 10 medals.

National Coach John Macpherson was encouraged by the depth and breadth of the competition stating, ‘I am optimistic that the Para program for Table Tennis Canada is heading in the right direction to increase the number of participants as well as the resulting quality of play. Specifically, I am excited about the prospect of having several medal performances in the upcoming Para Pan America Games in Toronto in 2015.’

In preparation for the 2015 Para Pan America competition in Toronto, Table Tennis Canada is sending a large contingent of athletes to the 2014 Copa Costa Rica, Dec 17-Dec 22, 2014.
Medals were awarded in 4 Singles and 2 Team events as follows:
Class 2-5 Singles
Gold: Muhammad Mudassar (ON)
Silver: Asad Murtaza (ON)
Bronze: Mohsin Watto (ON); Steven Dunn (NS)

Class 7-8 Singles
Gold: Ian Kent (NS)
Silver: Masoud Mojtahed (ON)
Bronze: Curtis Caron (NS); Stephanie Chan (BC)

Class 9-11 Singles
Gold: Asad Hussain Syed (ON)
Silver: Alexander Christie (NS)
Bronze: Martin Pelletier (QC); Xiaoyang Zhu (ON)

Youth Singles
Gold: Curtis Caron (NS)
Silver: Alexander Christie (NS)
Bronze: Mikhail Drozdowski (NS)

Wheelchair Team:
Gold: Muhammad Mudassar (ON) and Mohsin Watto (ON)
Silver: Asad Murtaza (ON) and Steven Dunn (NS)
Bronze: Umair Pirzada (ON) and Harmandeep Singh Saini (ON)
Standing Team:
Gold: Ian Kent (NS) and Masoud Mojtahed (ON)
Silver: Asad Hussain Syed (ON) and Muhammad Ali Nasir (ON)
Bronze:  Martin Pelletier (QC) and Réal Poudrier (QC); Curtis Caron (NS) and Stephanie Chan (BC)