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2015 Canadian Championships Press Conference
The press conference to announce to the Trois-Rivières/Mauritian population the Canadian Championship held in Trois-Rivières in August 2015, took place this morning at the Gouverneur Hotel Trois-Rivières.

On the spot, some 50 people including several local media and several partners and sponsors (current and future).

To the order of the day, a speech by Martin Marcotte, Coordinator of the Ping-O-max club, Rémi Tremblay, Director-general of the FTTQ, Jacques Picard of the communication agency Zou!Com,  as well as the Mayor of Trois-Rivières, Mr Yves Lévesque who even played a match of table tennis against Trois-Rivières own Kim Boily, under the eyes of attentive journalists armed with cameras. In short, a success in every way!

The Championship Canadian 2015 facebook page is also online since this morning and we invite you to click "like" to follow the evolution in the Organization!

It will be held in Trois-Rivières, from August 25th till 30th 2015.

The 2015 Table Tennis Championship Logo

The logo was created from the representation of a half racquet, cut at an angle, with the image of multi-coloured flames emerging from a cauldron to form a maple leaf. The cauldron directly references the notion of large-scale sporting events (Olympic Games, Commonwealth or Quebec Games, etc.). It symbolizes high-level competition.

From a more strategic standpoint and as part of the Canadian Championship, we wanted to create a powerful image that would evoke the ideas of table tennis, of a Canadian championship and of vitality at a single glance, explained Jacques Picard of the Zou!com Agency, in Trois-Rivières.

In addition to forming a maple leaf, the flames represent passion for the sport. The different colours that make up the leaf recall the wide cultural diversity that characterizes table tennis enthusiasts.