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2015 Pan American Games
Start Date: 2015-07-10
Daily news from Toronto 2015

This is the final touch to 2015 Pan American games and what exciting games they were...3 bronze medals for Canada in table tennis: the women's team the men's team and Eugene Wang for the single event. We are looking forward to live the next pan am games in Lima, Peru in 2019.

Final impressions ..., 
Bronze Medalist Eugene Wang

"The atmosphere was great, I was shocked how the crowds were cheering for us the first time we marched in for the match. 

I felt that this was the hardest competition in my life, playing on home soil. One way I was so exciting of the game running in the country that we represent. On the other way, I was expecting and working hard in the past years to have a good performance and get the title for single event."

Final Impressions ..., Mireille Tallon - Team Leader Table Tennis

"As I sit here writing my final report, and looking back at pictures that I took during the week, I can’t help but feel emotional. It was an amazing experience that I will remember for a very long time. I’ve know all these players for a number of years, and it was an honour to lead them through these Games. For some, like Alicia and Marko, who were participating in a major Games for the first time, it was interesting and inspiring to see how well they did. I’ll be honest, for me, the home crowd was overwhelming at times, but I know that the players felt like they had the entire country behind them, through their exciting wins and devastating losses. 

Even though I am close in age with some of the players, I felt like they were my kids this week, my pride and joy. I was sitting on the edge of my seat for all of their matches…every point! 
I had to fight back some tears at times, especially during the quarter-final matches of the team event. Our coaching staff did an amazing job at keeping them focussed and prepared for the though encounters that they had to face.

We got the opportunity to march in for the Closing Ceremonies. OH MY GOD are the first words that come to mind! From putting on our Canadian gear in the afternoon, to getting onto the bus, to standing in line for hours (haha), to slowly descending towards the ground entrance … I get goose bumps just thinking about it. As we walked into the stadium, I had to remind myself to keep putting one foot in front of the other to keep going forward…because there were people behind me haha! All jokes aside, it was truly an amazing experience. 

The week flew by and I wish we could turn back time. But it’s time to move on to our next challenge. I am extremely happy with the results that the team had. Three bronze medals and a wealth of experience for our young players. Thank you to everyone that was on site to help and make this a memorable experience! 

Here’s a sneak peak of the energy that was felt when walking into the Closing Ceremonies:”


Day 5 - Jully 23rd

Table Tennis at the Pan American Games: An Organizers Perspective - Joseph Fisher

As Technical Delegate for the Pan American Games,  I have the privilege of observing the performance of all the Canadian athletes and officials.  

The Canadian spectators have been extremely supportive with a standing ovation for each of our players, whether they won or lost.  The Canadian team returned the adulation by throwing table tennis balls into the crowd after each performance. The audience went wild.  This single act was seen as a “THANK YOU” to each and everyone who clapped and cheered as the Canadians rose to new heights during the Games.  

Our newest and youngest players performed beyond expectations and defeated higher ranked players during the qualifying round.  Mo, Anqi, Eugene and Pierre-Luc will continue to be tested in the round of 16. Overall, the performance of the Canadian Team has been uplifting to the spectators especially when the teams captured a bronze medal on the third day.  

The 26 officials are from 11 different countries.  They have sent the best to officiate at the Games.  Canada has been extremely fortunate to have 13 International Officials contribute to the success of the Games.

Day 4 - July 22nd

Bogdan Cojocaru - Muscle Activation Therapist

I believe that in any sport there is nothing better than working with the top athletes. I am grateful and excited to be the Strength and Conditioning coach for Team Canada at the 2015 Pan American Games.

Table tennis is a particularly rewarding sport to work with and watch because is extremely fast and in the same time very precise. I can’t wait to see Team Canada compete!  The team is ready and excited to bring their best to the table. I worked mostly with the men team and the quality of training was great, the support staff amazing and the athletes’ effort fantastic.

We had few minor injuries to overcome and with the help of Physiotherapist Gianni Mariani we were able to solve that part.

In the past few days Maxime Surprenant , the head coach asked me to work on bringing the team to a high level of focus and take care of a few last-minute conditioning needs. We had group workouts every morning and evening on top of the daily practice that sometimes was once, other times twice table tennis workouts/day. All the preparation went well and we are ready and excited to bring the best to table tomorrow in the team event.

Day 3 - July 21st

Maxime: Yesterday we faced the Brazilian team in the semifinals. This is a powerful team with 3 players with great international experience. This match was more difficult after our game yesterday against Argentina, a match full of emotions that was physically draining for our team. Even if the final score was 3-0 to Brazil, I am pleased with the effort of my players. They gave everything they had. We have the 4 coming years to improve and we raised our level to the Brazilians.

Day 2 - July 20th

After an amazing 3-1 win in the quarter finals against Chile, the Girls Team will be facing the United States tomorrow. 

Anqi: In the gym, the most amazing thing is the crowd! They were very very enthusiastic, and gave me a lot of confidence. Right before our match today I was nervous because I knew my singles match was very important, if I win it means we have 90% chance of winning the whole team match. What a match! I am satisfied with my performance, a lot of the sets were tight and I'm happy that I came through at the end. 

For tomorrow Im not going to put pressure on myself, they are high level players and I really need to perform well. I AM READY!!!

Day 1 - July 19th

Mo: It is very Exciting when we play today. And in the first match I was a little nervous. But saw all the people charing for us I feel more confident. And play better and better. And I'm happy about today's results.

Alicia: "
Alicia: During my first single match, I was very nervous and I was playing very tense. But after the first set I calmed down and I came back in the game. I am very happy with my game even though I lost. At first I was nervous because of the crowd but then the crowd really helped me performed well and win my game twice!"