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2015 Butterfly Canadian Championships
Start Date: 2015-08-25
Jacques Bobet Cup goes to Ontario at 2015 Butterfly Canadian Championships

Each year, junior and cadet players competing for their provincial team at the Junior National Championships can win points for their Province’s overall points total. The Province that accumulates the most points at the end of the Junior Championship is awarded the Jacques Bobet Cup. This year at the 2015 Butterfly Canadian Championships we would like to congratulate Team Ontario to winning this prestigious trophy. 

These years results ended in the following ranking: 

1. Ontario 692
2. Québec 398
3. British Columbia 359
4. Alberta 238
5. Manitoba 144
6. Nova Scotia 38
7. Saskatchewan 8
8. Newfoundland & Labrador 4

All the winners in the Junior and Cadet Doubles and Singles Event, click HERE

With playing 3 finals and winning all of them, Isabelle Xiong from British Columbia is the Golden Athlete of these 2015 Championships. She took the title in the CA 15 Girls Doubles and Singles event as well as winning the JR 18 Girls category. She was very happy and will give all her best for the Seniors Event starting tomorrow. For the home crowd here in Trois-Riviéres, the biggest match was the finals in the CA 15 Boys. Montreal residence Edward Ly played his best match of the year against Gold Medal winner Jeremy Hazin from Ontario. 11-9 in the 5th game was the final score. 

Edward Ly “The Fans helped me a lot, it was great playing in front of so many people, hearing my name throughout the gym."