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Implementation of Tournament Star System
March 30th 2016

The tournament star system has been in the works as part of Long Term Athlete / Participant Development Model and is an important part of the Competition Review associated with the model. The star system intends
  • to clearly identify 'important performance' competitions which coaches and athletes can identify as 'goals' vs competitions in which players compete on a regular basis to simply gain competition experience. 
  • to highlight competitions in which players can expect excellent playing conditions (and as of September minimum prize money levels.) 
We also think that the newly revised rating points exchange table will slow down the inflationary nature of the past points exchange table and contribute to even out regional differences, if any.

We will continue to monitor how the implementation of this new system plays itself out and welcome your observations throughout the year. We are planning to engage in a review of the system in September and report on it to the BOD in September.