2018 Butterfly Canadian Championships
The 2018 Butterfly Canadian Championships will be held in Burnaby, BC at the Fortius Sports Center. 

The Junior Championships will start on July 3 and finish on July 6  - all Junior events except for the Cadet 13 (U13) event will finish on July 5; the Cadet 13 events will finish on July 6.

The Senior Championships will start on July 6 and finish on July 8, 2018.

How can I enter the Canadian Championships?

There are different ways to enter the Canadian Championships:

1 - Provincial teams and provincial team members must be entered by the provincial associations.

2 - Individual players/events:
If you are an individual player and not part of the provincial team you can still enter the Canadian Championships - Junior and/or Senior Championships:
• either by contacting your provincial association and ask the association to enter you. In this case, you will pay the entry fees to your provincial association; or,
• by sending an email to <ttcan@ttcanada.ca> indicating which events you would like to enter. The person receiving your entry will send you a confirmation email with an invoice for the entry fees. Once you have paid your entry fees, your entry is considered confirmed.