Filip Ilijevski and Amy Nichols dominating the #1 Canada Cup event

The Canada Cup is off to a great start. This weekend at MY Table Tennis Club in Mississauga, Toronto, 38 Athletes tried to finish first at this first event of this years Canada Cup. It took 2 days and 7 wins for Filip Ilijevski and Amy Nichols to win their category without loosing a single match. This will not just earn them $1,000 in prize money, but also give them a heads start in the ranking to qualify for the Canada Cup finals this upcoming January in Drummondville, Québec.


A maximum of 32 players (32 men and 32 women) will be accepted into each of the 
Canada Cup Singles events. Should there be more than 32 entries, a qualification system will be employed. At each of the competitions, positions 1-20 will be determined and points will be awarded to the top 20 finishers.

The top 20 players after 2 events will qualify for the Canada Cup Finals. 
4 spaces will be reserved for players pursuing a career abroad. Any vacant spaces may be filled by ranking and/or HP Committee selection.

The Final ranking can be found HERE.

HERE are the points awarded to the TOP ranked player at the Canada Cup #1 event in Mississauga, Toronto.

Filip Ilijevski, Ontario

Amy Nichols, Ontario