2011 Canada Winter Games Coach Certification
The Canada Games Council (CGC) required all coaches that served at any Canada Games to be Certified Level 3 – under the old National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).

As you are all aware of the transition to the New NCCP, coaching certification requirements for the Canada Winter Games has also been adapted to fit the new program.

Under the new NCCP, coaches are now required to be ‘Trained’ Competition-Development to serve at the Games. It is apparent that not all sports are at the same level in the transition; therefore the CGC is still accepting coaches that are Certified Level 3.

Table Tennis Canada has completed its Competition-Development program in French – it is still in the piloting stage. We anticipate the translation to begin in May and be ready to pilot in English in early September. TTCAN will organize and invite coaches from all provinces to participate in the training – details to be confirmed.

Below is TTCAN’s Competition-Development Coach Pathway. There are two parts to the Training – 4 days of Technical training offered by TTCAN and 6 Multisport Modules offered by your provincial sport or coaching association. The Competition-Development program is very extensive and should therefore be approached earnestly.

Coaches who have no certification under the old program will be required to enter the Comp-Dev certification process to serve at the 2011 Games. Between now and September 2010, I strongly recommend these coaches to start the Comp-Dev Multisport Modules as this will take an important number of hours to complete. Please contact your provincial sport or coaching governing body.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any questions.

Mireille Tallon – Technical Coordinator/Coordonatrice Technique