10 National Umpires in Canada are writing IU Exam

7 of the umpires from Canada have joined with 3 from the USA to take part in a seminar prior to the Canada Series final in Drummondville, Quebec from January 8-10 2016. Norman Tang, the referee for the Canada Series Final provided leadership for the 6 hours of intensive review of the Handbook for Match Officials, the rule book and the special directives from ITTF.  TTCAN says thanks to Norm for his guidance and leadership.

Results for the IU Exam will not be available until May 2016.  

Special support was offered by Delano Lai Fatt in preparation for the exam.  Delano sent a series of 10 questions each week for 5 weeks to the candidates in preparation for the exam.  He marked each respondents answers with a short commentary and identification in the rule book for the answer.  TTCAN would like to acknowledge Delano’s outstanding support.