commitment . determination . success
Emile Joncas won the 2017 East Canada Hopes competition, losing only one match along the way.
A year of well orchestrated training later he find himself at the Canadian Junior Open and a daunting first match against the #1 seed, Alfredo Sanchez.
Emile is a very serious student of the game and exudes maturity beyond his years. One quickly senses that he understands what it will take to progress along the road to stated goals of international success.
Hailing from the small town of Terre Bonne, Emile trains in Laval and also at two Montreal clubs logging over 20 hours per week on the table. Every morning he serves 200 balls before school and many days he studies the techniques of his favorite players including Christian Karlsson who impressed him so much at the recent World Team Championships; he watched every one of Karlsson’s matches. But Emile is also very aware of the mental aspect of the sport and works closely with Alain Bourbonnais in this regard. At the table his preference is a BH serve from the middle with varying spin and placement and an emerging BH attack. Clearly the work is paying off. He loses to Sanchez but the scores are very encouraging.
Next up the #8 seeded team from USA, and the next small step.