Alicia Côte winner of the 17th Linz Austria Raiffeisen Youth Championships

Alicia's Club in Austria was the host of the 17th Linz Austria Raiffeisen Youth Championships 2017. 
"I am feeling very good and happy especially since I won the tournament" says Alicia and what a win it was. Not just did she win the Team event with Mavri Gaja from TT Club Gorica, Slovenia, but also the Junior Singles event. 
"It is one of my biggest achievement. I am proud of myself especially because my semifinal match was very hard and I was losing at the end but I stayed focus and I took chances and I was able to win" Alicia said, being proud to represent Canada at an International Event. She continous with a smile "people kept asking me questions about Canada and why I was at this tournament."
A tournament with many participants from the European Championships including 5 TOP 20 players from Germany. "Her attitude is the one of a fighter. We have seen a role model for the sport in Alicia, practicing hard and showcasing to other that you can succeed in Table Tennis" says Executive Director for the Austrian Club Linz AG Froschberg. 
Alicia will be back in Canada this June after the World Table Tennis Championships in Düsseldorf and in preparation for the Canadian Championships in Markham in July.  
"It is not easy to become a professional in a sport, but what ever will happen in the future, Alicia will always be able to say that she never gave up. We are looking forward to more success in her career" said Robert. 
Congratulations Alicia and only the best for the rest of the season!