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2017 Paraguay Junior & Cadet Open

Team Canada had some great results at the 2017 Paraguay Junior & Cadet Open with all 3 of our cadets on the top of the podium for team events. 

Terence Yeung and Kenny Jiang won gold for cadet boys team by beating the Argentina B team in final with a 3:0 win and in semifinal, they beat Brazil A team 3:1, the newly crowned South American Cadet Team Champion from the day before. Terence remained unbeaten throughtout team matches and it was no small feat for him to beat the newly crowned South American Cadet silver medalist and this event's eventual Cadet Singles Champion Kenzo Carmo.  

GOLD for all 3 Canadians 

On the girls' side, Isabelle Xiong teamed with the Brazilian Livia Lima, despite both being cadets, managed to beat more senior players and won gold in Junior Team. They beat Paraguay 3:1 in finals. The 3 players advanced into main draws in all individual events but met with more challenge. Only Isabelle reached the podium for a bronze in cadet singles. She lost in junior QF to Livia Lima, the South American Junior Championships triple gold medallist cadet who was also her partner in junior team. 

Terence told us “I am proud on how I performed. It was a great experience and I learned a lot about staying focused even with a lot of distractions like the crowd, the weather and just general pressure. I definitely want to gain more experiences like this, playing in tight situations. Playing tournaments abroad seems to be a good way doing so.” 

 Kenny said “I am pretty happy on how I played. The crowd was cheering loudly for my opponent, so it was great to see that I can perform under pressure. In the future I hope to participate in more ITTF tournaments and win more awards."