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Antoine Bernadet’s journey to Sweden

Söderhamn, November 2016 - Canadian National Team Athlete Antoine Bernadet (Québec) journeyed to Sweden to practice and improve his world ranking. The club is called SUIF and is located in the East of Sweden, the City of Söderhamn, "There is a lot of good player practicing here. Some of them are Jon Persson, Jens Lundqvist, Hampus Nordberg, and many others international level players” says Antoine. The club plays in the first and second division of the Swedish League. 

The training routine is the same for Antoine, a morning practice from 9 to 11:30, then from 4:30 to 7pm in the afternoon. After each training he is working on his service or physical training. Then there is time for a little rest in between. “I really like the training schedule”, he says, “I know I have improved a lot since I came here in September and I work hard to keep going in that direction.” 

"In about three weeks I will play Finlandia Open, in Lohga. It is an important tournament for me because I need to improve my world ranking. What's good with this tournament is all the positions are played so it assures me a few matches.” 

It is great to see our Canadian National Team Athletes trying to improve themselves and finding opportunities around the world. We are definitely wishing Antoine all the best for the Finlandia Open and his practice at SUIF. 
A VIDEO of Canadian National Team Athlete Antoine Bernadet and his practice partner from Sweden!