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Table Tennis player on a mission

Vietnam, November 2016 - Most of our Canadian Para Athletes know him very well. He goes by the name Tony C. and has been a huge support over many years with the National Para Team. From umpiring, to being a sparring partner, a coach, and definitely a cheerleader at the 2015 Para Pan American Games,  and all the way to being a role model for health, connecting, and being our best. 
Tony Campbell is also very well known in the Ottawa Table Tennis scene as he is plays in most clubs, every time he could get an extra practice in, he was there. As a teacher, he has the privileges to run a Table Tennis Club, it's called Featherston Table Tennis Club. This club is always busy and with a very low drop in fee, it is great to see that all the tables are being used regularly.
Now, Tony C. is up for his next adventure. His passion after Table Tennis is biking. He's now biking through Vietnam, starting his trip in Hanoi, travelling north to Sa Pa and then east to Ha Longbay and south along the coast back to Saigon. He will carry on to Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia before relaxing over Christmas in Bali. Then, he flies to Auckland, New Zealand and continues his trip, 6 months in total, with an average of 120km of biking every day. 
"The legs keep turning. At the 1000 km mark I stopped and took a picture where I was standing."
Of course, it is not all about biking as he shows us proudly that he did his research on finding Table Tennis Clubs all along the way. “So far it has been an amazing journey. The Vietnamese have been very welcoming and kind. The food is incredible and my favourite dish of the day is a whole pineapple or watermelon mid day. It is very hot out here.”  Here's a Table Tennis club he found with a fun advertising … 
"I found a TT club in Saigon. Great fun. My partner and I cleaned up. I think I could take him if we were arm wrestling.” 
Great to see you out there Tony C. promoting sportsmanship, fun of the game and growing the community with your friendship and love for the sport!!