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Mo Zhang - Linz AG Froschberg

Canadian’s #1 Table Tennis Player Mo Zhang from British Columbia has joined the team of with the Austrian Club Linz AG Froschberg. They successfully started in the League and Mo is leading the individual ranking with 4:0 matches.

“We practice 2 times per day from Monday to Friday. During the week we have also 2 fitness training sessions. Our matches in the Austrian League are on Friday or Saturday. Champions League matches will be on Tuesday. Our first match in the European Champions League will be October 30th”, says Mo getting fully excited about thinking of her first match. She continuous “My first goal is to win our first Champions League match. After that we will see. My goals are step by step."  

Mo is playing with Sophia Polcanova, Trainer Zhang Jie, Liu Jia and Linda Bergström in the Linz AG Froschberg 1 Team. “My team mates are very nice and a lot of fun. They have a lot of energy, they are very active and positive. I enjoy staying with them” says Mo. 

“It is a big difference staying in Canada vs. in Austria. Here I am not doing much else besides playing Table Tennis. It is good, keeps me focused and when I come home I rest. It is good to play the league here. There is more people, a very good practice and I can improve technically and gain experience with playing matches” says Mo. 

We are looking forward to seeing more from Mo Zhang in action when she will compete not just in the Austrian League and Champions League, but also at the Austrian Open starting on November 9th 2016 in Linz.  

Coach Zhang Jie says “It will be hard for Mo, but she will fight for herself and the Team. She is playing better and better and she needs the pressure from the Champions League. 

A nice comment from Robert Renner, General Manager for Linz AG Froschberg, “The partnership between Table Tennis Canada works very well. The mentality of the Canadians Matthew, Alicia and Mo are very professional. They have to adjust a little bit with the training that we offer here, but they will get there. Mo Zhang is playing well and we hope for some nice surprises in the Champions League.”

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