Table Tennis Canada welcomes the Northwest Territories as the 12th member of the Association

At its 2016 Annual General Meeting, Table Tennis Canada welcomed North West Territories as its 12th member of the association. During the last six months, there has been tremendous activity in NWT in schools and community centres. 

“Welcome to NWT! Now, we have one province left to achieve our goal to have active member associations in all provinces and territories,” proclaimed David Jackson, President of Table Tennis Canada. New Brunswick is the only province that is not a member of Table Tennis Canada, “while we have active players in New Brunswick, they currently participate in programs in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. We look forward to welcoming New Brunswick as a member of TTTCAN in the near future.”

Table Tennis North is the governing body for Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories. They became a Territorial Sport Organization in September 2015 and were welcomed into the Sport North Family. 

Table Tennis is not new to the Northwest Territories as there were a few players during the 1980 participating in the Arctic Winter Games. ago when Jim Snider and Jeremy Kielstra, from Fort Providence started a table tennis program and brought professional Table Tennis coaches into the Northwest Territories to promote the sport and get kids active. 

Since then, Table Tennis has been introduced to 11 communities and over 1,000 children. Only in the last few month, Table Tennis North has brought in 35 brand new Tables into the communities. 

“It has been a fantastic few month for Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories. Being part of Table Tennis Canada means a lot to us as we can now participate in the Western Hopes Week, the Canadian Championships and run sanctioned tournaments. It will give our kids a boost to not just work towards the Arctic Winter Games every 2 years, but also participate in tournaments for the Northwest Territories.” Vice-President Mike Johnston, Table Tennis North

Table Tennis North
The main focus is keeping kids and adults active with skills clinics, coaching clinics and programs like Aerobic Table Tennis.As a not-for profit organization we support, promote and develop an active, healthy and fun environment with the sport of Table Tennis in the Northwest Territories. 

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Table Tennis Canada
TTCAN is the governing body for the Olympic Sport of Table Tennis. There are approximately 30,000 active table tennis players practicing the sport of table tennis in clubs and community centres around Canada.