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The Canadian Olympic Activity Challenge - Table Tennis 

To support your efforts to get your class moving, the Canadian Olympic School Program in partnership with active at schooL has developed the Canadian Olympic Activity Challenge. The Canadian Olympic Activity Challenge is a set of resources to help teachers incorporate physical activity into the school day to help our students get the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity a day.

Active at schooL is a broad-based group of more than 80 
influential private, public and not-for-profit organizations committed to ensuring that one hour a day of quality physical activity and education is brought back to schools across Canada. Schools are critical hubs in our communities. They are safe places of learning and offer students an equal opportunity to access sport and physical activity, regardless of means. For these reasons and others, schools are a logical setting for a campaign to get kids active. 

ACTIVE AT SCHOOL wants to build on the great work that our 
teachers, principals and school boards are doing to ensure all kids get active for an hour each day.

The Canadian Olympic Activity Challenge - Table Tennis