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World Table Tennis Day

The WTTD is a celebration of the joy to play Table Tennis for fun, bringing people together where the focus is less on competition and more on participation and fun. WTTD is to gather Table Tennis enthusiasts, attract people who usually don't play table tennis, promote the love for our sport, and ideally engage new players to the practice in the long term.

The WTTD is part of the Table Tennis for ALL Programme and the pillars are POPULAR, UNIVERSAL and INCLUSIVE.

There is a wide range of options on what you can do to celebrate our passion for Table Tennis and engage new people to play:

Participate through:

small or big events
competitions or free play
small lessons or artistic demonstrations
in popular, non-traditional or iconic venues
... be creative

Please check out the webpage, which has been translated into 8 languages and will give you useful tools and ideas to join WTTD, such as a toolkit, registration form, promotional package, and a world map showing which countries host a WTTD.

Register your event at and celebrate the joy of playing Table Tennis all over the globe on upcoming April 6th.