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Results from the 2016 Butterfly Canada Cup

Drummondville, Québec is hosting the 2016 edition of the Butterfly Canada Cup. The biggest national event which will serve as the a qualification competition for the upcoming 2016 Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro. Find all the results right here from this 3 days event. If you cannot make it in person, follow it LIVE online.  

Men Women
 Position 1-8    Position 1-8  
 Position 9-12    Position 9-12  
 Group A B C D    Group A B C D  
 Men    Women  
 Position 1-4    Position 1-4  
 Position 5-8    Position 5-8  
 Position 9-12    Position 9-12  
 Group A B C D     Group A B C D   
 Qualification    Qualification  

Butterfly will also LIVE STREAM the event.