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January rating udpates
We will have a little delay on the January posting to be ready for the Canada Cup Final. Stay tuned for updates on the website or via our Facebook Page. Thank you. 

Table Tennis Canada is continuing to evaluate the functionality of the new system. Because of the implementation of the initial rating calculations, some players ratings are slightly different than what you may have calculated (or based on the old system). These will be updated. Right now we are at round 3 of cleaning up the database.

The most important element of the new system is the use of an ID number to identify a player. This number is your passport to your rating. It is EXTREMELY important that you do not create a duplicate number for yourself when you use the online entry function. ALL players that were in the old rating system have been assigned a player ID Number for the new system. 

How can I find my ID number?
  • If you search for your name on the ratings page, you will see your ID number next to it. 
  • If you haven’t been active in more than 24 months, you will not see your name in the ratings system.
  • HOWEVER, if you were a player in the previous system, you have an ID number - DO NOT create a duplicate number.  
  • If you are unsure if you have an ID number, please send an email to or to your provincial association. 

Initial Rating Points

When a player is new to the rating system (has never played before) OR is returning to play after a period of 24 months +, he/she is treated as a "new player" and therefore the rating points are calculated according to a new formula. The method of calculation is under review. We realize that the implemented method is not working as it should be (ex. new players are ranked too low) therefore we will communicate the revised method once it is corrected.

A number of useful functions have been added to the new ratings website:
  • Search 
  • Filter by province, age category, gender 
  • Filter by period of posting 
The new rating you can find it HERE.

Again, thank you for your patience and cooperation in this complex transition. All communications regarding ratings should be addressed to