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Last chance to qualify for the Finals - Canada Cup #2

Fortius Sport and Health and Sport Burnaby will be the host for the second Canada Cup Event on November 14-15th 2015 in beautiful British Columbia. A qualifying 3 star tournament that will lead to the Canada Cup Finals in January 8- 9, 2016. Here are all the results and some more information on this exciting tournament.

Here is some more information on the FORMAT OF PLAY

Stage 2 Group A B C D

Stage 2 Group A B C D

Preliminary Stage Group A B C D E F G

Consolation KO (random draw)

Preliminary Stage Group A B C D E F G H

1/ Men's Singles, position 1-16 (both Round Robin and Knock Out) is best of 7. Women's Singles, position 1-12 (both Round Robin and Knock Out) is best of 7. The rest of the competition is best of 5.

2/ Players not advancing from U1750 and U2250 Round Robin will have a consolation KO. 

Find more information on the event in the PROSPECTUS and follow the tournament via the EVENT PAGE on tournament software. 

Good luck to all the participants!