Bryan Ho claimed three titles at the Alberta Open Canada Series Qualifier 

Despite sub-zero temperature outside, the play hall inside Boyle Community Centre in Edmonton, Alberta was packed with sweating competitors and spectators last weekend. After two days of fierce competition, Bryan Ho from Calgary was the big winner, he went home with three titles; Men Singles, JR 17 Boys and Open Doubles with partner George Gao. Gladwin Wong, also from Calgary, was second in both Men Singles and JR 17 Boys events. Ioulia Degtiar fought off the challenge from Betty Guo, winning the fifth game 11-9 to claim the Women Singles title.

Senior Men

Bryan Ho, AB
2. Gladwin Wong, AB
3. Roberto Velendia, AB
4. Jack Chang, AB
5. George Gao, AB
6. Zhilong Zhang, AB
7. Yinguang Yang, AB
8. Marzen Tanjour, AB

Senior Women

Ioulia Degtiar, AB
2. Betty Guo, AB
3. Laura Yin Lai, BC
4. Rose Nuo Shi Huang, BC
5. Dorothy Zhang, AB
6. Margaret Huang, AB
7. Sheena Cheng, AB
8. Lily Han, AB

U17 Boys

Bryan Ho, AB
2. Gladwin Wong, AB
3. Jack Chang, AB
4. Zhilong Zhang, AB
5. James Li, AB
6. Penn Lin, AB
7. Johnson Luong, AB

U17 Girls

Dorothy Zhang, AB
2. Laura Yin Lai, BC
3. Rose Nuo Shi Huang, BC
4. Sheena Cheng, AB
5. Jessica Fan, AB
6. Margaret Huang, AB
7. Ivy Bao, AB
8. Patricia Mae Tan, AB

U11 Boys

Anthony Chen, AB
2. Anthony Sun, AB
3. Sunny Zhang, AB
4. Jeffrey Yu, AB
5. Daniel Jiang, AB
6. Elon Wang, AB
7. Zhaoyu Li, AB
8. Kevin Huang, AB

U11 Girls

Ivy Bao, AB
2. Joanna Xu, AB
3. Daisy Zhang, AB
4. Zeqi Sun, AB

Report by Henry Ng, Referee 2014 Alberta Open/Canada series #3 
December 9, 2014