Andre Ho and Ivy Liao winners of the Vancouver Open Canada Series Qualifier

Vancouver, BC was the host of the second leg of the Qualifier for the 2015 Joola Canada Series Finals. Both Andre Ho in the Men's and Ivy Liao in the Women's event to dominated their category without loosing a single set. Ivy also won the Junior U17 Girls category to make this a very successful tournament for herself. Her Brother Frank was able to win the the Junior U17 Boys event and finishing 4th in the Men’s Open. The Under 11 event was by boys and girls, where the winner was Edison Huang, runner up Benita Zhou.

Here are the results:

Senior Men

1. Andre Ho, BC
2. Bryan Ho, AB
3. Michael Luo, BC
4. Frank Liao, BC
5. Huan Ming Mao, MB
6. Sam Lin, BC
7. Angus M. H., BC
8. Gladwin Wong, BC

Senior Women

1. Ivy Gui Hua Liao, BC
2. Wendy Wei Qi Chen, BC
3. Iwen Lo, BC
4. Leanne Lee, BC
5. Rose Nuo Shi Huang, BC
6. Grace Meng Yu Zhang, BC
7. Laura Yin Lai, BC

U17 B

1. Frank Liao, BC
2. Michael Luo, BC
3. Bryan Ho, AB
4. David Hong Lin, BC
5. Gladwin Wong, AB
6. Edison Huang, BC

U17 G

1. Ivy Gui Hua Liao, BC
2. Leanne Lee, BC
3. Grace Meng Yu Zhang, BC
4. Rose Nuo Shi Huang, BC
5. Laura Yin Lai, BC
6. Wendy Wei Qi Chen, BC

U11 B&G

1. Edison Huang, BC
2. Benita Zhou, BC
3. Andy Chen, BC
4. Glen Y. Y. Zhu, BC
5. Ethan Chen, BC
6. Justin Ling, BC