Alexander Moran and Yi Lu are the winners of the first Joola Canada Series Finales 2014/15 qualifier

Missaussaga, Toronto was the host for the first of four tournaments to qualify for the Joola Canada Series Finals, hosted at the same location, at the end of January 2015. 83 players came together to get into the Top 8 positions in 8 different categories, to gain points for the final standings and to qualify for the finals. 

It was a very close win for Yi Lu in the women’s event winning the final set being 12-10 against Sara Yuen. In the men’s event, Alexander Moran lost in the group stages against Klement Yeung but got back to his game to win this category. The Para WC was dominated by Muhammed Mudassar, not loosing any set against his opponents. The only person reaching the podium twice was Alicia Côte, with ending 4th in the Women’s and 2nd in the JR-17G event. 

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