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2015 JOOLA Canada Series
Start Date: 2015-01-30
Defended title for Pierre-Luc Thériault and second title for Anqi Luo after 2013

The 2015 Canada Series Finals fulfilled the expectations of all supporters in Mississauga, Toronto with some amazing table tennis. Pierre-Luc Theriault from Québec was able to defend his title from 2014, while Ontario's Anqi Luo took the title of National Team Challenge Women's Champion for the second time in her still young career. And even a first time win over Mo Zhang for Anqi. 

12 year old Sophie Gauthier from Québec was the second youngest contestant and at the end crowned the Presidents Cup Women Champion. James Yu from Ontario, the only defensive player of all male participants, managed to win all his games after the qualification round to become the Presidents Cup Champion on the Men's side. 

The new system for the Hopes event seemed to be a success and very much liked by all participants. After 2 days of challenging each other, Edison Huang from BC and Joy Xu from Ontario won the titles. 

National Team Challenge Men

 2 Antoine BERNADET
 3 James PINTEA
 4 Jeremy HAZIN
 6 Bryan HO
 8 Xuebo LI
 9 Alexander MORAN
10 Michael LUO
11 Xavier THERIEN
12 Moxi GUO
President's Cup - Men

 1 James YU
 2 Jason LIU
 3 Matthew LEHMANN
 4 Alexander BU
 6 Yu-Hau CHEN
 7 Edward LY
 8 Tommy XU
 9 Gladwin WONG
10 Terence YEUNG
11 Jack CHANG
12 Kevin LI
National Team Challenge Women
 1 Anqi LUO
 3 Yi LU
 4 Sara YUEN
 5 Alicia COTE
 6 Betty GUO
 7 Justina YEUNG
 9 Yu-Hsan CHEN
10 Joyce XU
11 Jiabao LIU
12 Jean FEI

President's Cup - Woman
 1 Sophie GAUTHIER
 2 Grace Meng Yu ZHANG
 3 Camille JEAN
 4 Laura Yin Lai
 5 Udy Zixin Ding
 6 Vida Sieu
 7 Rose Nuo Shi Huang
 8 Dorothy Zhang
Canada Hopes Challenge - Boys
 1 Edison HUANG
 2 David XU
 3 Innel Yahi
 4 William TIAN
 5 Adrian Wei
 6 Andrew Feng
 7 Jeffrey Li
Canada Hopes Challenge - Girls
 1 Joy XU
 2 Kelly Fei ZHAO
 3 Benita ZHOU
 4 Jin WU
 5 Émilia Cabrera-Malette
 6 Shauna Xu
 7 Ivy Bao
 8 Angela Cui
 9 Breanna Lin

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