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2015 Butterfly Canadian Championships
Start Date: 2015-08-25

IMPORTANT NEWS for the 2015 Butterfly Canadian Championships

updated August 25th, 7pm

The 2015 Butterfly Canadian Championships is here. We have some updated information on the draws, the Junior and Senior time schedules as well as the dates and times for the public main draws are available now. Please review the following information carefully. If there is any questions left, please find us at the Control Desk. 


The SHUTTLE BUS will be leaving the hotel starting at 7am and then leaving every 20min. There is 48 places available. The last shuttle bus will be leaving the hotel at 9am. 

The draws will be 100% confirmed tonight, please check tomorrow morning first thing if there is any changes.


Time Schedules

Junior | 

Please double check the Public Draw times for the following events:

Main Draw Cadet Boys Singles - August 26th, 4pm
Main Draw Cadet Girls Singles - August 26th, 5:15pm

Main Draw Women Singles - August 28th, 2:30pm


Junior Girls Team , Cadet Girls Team, Junior Boys team, Cadet boys team award ceremony will be at 6pm, August 26th, 2015 on court 1. 

All other junior competition award ceremonies will be at 5:30pm on August 27th 2015.

Chinese Lunch order

To facilitate meal orders, it is suggested that you complete the order form for your team in the evening or in the morning before matches start.

Do not forget to turn in your order before 9:30am. Thank you!